Your inspection and report will include:

~Foundation, Basement, or Crawlspace
~Water Seepage
~Wood Destroying Insect Inspections
~Central Heating System
~Central Air Conditioning System 
~Interior  and Exterior Electrical Systems
~Room to Room Analysis
~Doors and Windows
~Roof and Gutters
~Exterior Siding, Grading and Water Control
~Porch and Deck
~Radon Testing

~As stated previously other services as needed or desired can be obtained, including Septic System Inspections, Pool Inspections, Well Inspections, Oil Tank Inspections, and Mold and/or Mildew Inspections.  

~There is no waiting for your inspection report.  Within moments of the completion of your home inspection, you, your realtor and your attorney will receive copies of your home inspection report to any personal device you choose.